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The city of Laguna Beach boasts seven miles of beaches that run along the edge of the Pacific Ocean. It's one of the reasons why this Orange County city remains such a prized destination for tourists and Southern California residents alike.  It's also one of the reasons why Laguna Beach beachfront real estate and homes for sale remain in such strong demand. Simply put, people want to live in Laguna Beach for the warm weather, pristine sandy beaches and quaint shopping, art galleries and restaurants.

Laguna Beach Beachfront Homes For Sale

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Beachfront Real Estate in Laguna Beach

If you're searching for beachfront real estate, you owe it to yourself to explore Laguna Beach. The city name, after all, has the word "beach" right in it. This is a clue that the beach lifestyle is an important part of the city's culture.  The beaches of Laguna Beach attract visitors of all ages. Surfers flock to this city to take advantage of the sometimes towering waves of the Pacific Ocean. Locals and visitors alike also hit the beaches here for skim boarding and snorkeling. You'll even find plenty of beachgoers with fishing pole in hand, trying to snag tonight's dinner off the Laguna Beach coastline.

One of the more unusual activities here is tide pooling, and its popularity is continually growing. If you don't know what this is, don't worry; you're far from alone. Tide pools are rocky pools nestled by oceans. Filled with seawater, these shallow pools are filled with several varieties of marine life. Visitors to these pools can get a close look at some of the more colorful aquatic life in the area without having to grab a snorkel or clamp on a diving mask.

Tide pools in Laguna Beach are protected by law. This means that visitors can't remove anything they find in these areas, even pebbles or rocks. The reason for this is simple; California wants to protect these unique marine habitats. Scubadiving is a popular pastime here, too. The waters off the coast of Laguna Beach are filled with a wide variety of colorful fish and anemones.

Some of the more popular tide pools in the Laguna Beach area include Crescent Bay, Shaw's Cove and Moss Point. The Heisler Park Reserve nature area boasts several tide pools, including the famed Rock Pile. This large tide pool is home to urchins, shore crabs, hermit crabs and, yes, even the rare octopus.

Desirable beaches and amenities throughout Laguna Beach have made the city's real estate market a solid one. Buyers are willing to spend a bit more to purchase a slice of Laguna Beach beachfront real estate or homes for sale because of all the beauty that comes with living along the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

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